Why Place-Making Matters in the Current Market

station park

Place-making is an essential element of value creation in today’s competitive retail environment. Differentiating a project from others and increasing the opportunities for people to choose one project to visit over another themselves are important components of raising the value and appeal of a property. In the current U.S. market the focus has again realigned with developing our communities.

Whether that translates into improving existing environments by injecting new and special common spaces or master planning a project from the beginning to include feature areas and amenities, there is no doubt that place-making and the guest’s experience has become critical to a development’s success.

An emphasis on human scaled architecture and spaces, a unique tenant mix, social activity, entertainment, sidewalk vitality, project animation and many other tactics all endow developments with a sense of authenticity that provides local as well as regional draw. At DDG, we believe that creating a well-planned and multi-faceted environment that encourages the engagement space and interaction with one another, results in an emotional and memorable experience for the visitor.

Our recent plan for Centercal’s Station Park project in Farmington, Utah creates a urban framework that draws people together and builds a sense of community. As parts of the project are realized, this transit-oriented mixed use development demonstrates a real and successful example of place-making. The freshly unveiled Park and fountain at Station Park provides a celebration space that is alive with daily interactions and cultural events. The Park invites exploration and stimulates the senses in an effort to entertain, amuse and charm. The patrons look forward to reliving these memories by returning often and staying longer. Lifescapes International, the landscape architectural design firm, brought the park to life and Outside the Lines (OTL) designed, constructed and choreographed the world class fountain at the heart of the gathering space. The Park at Station Park offers something beyond the ordinary and consequently creates immense social and real estate value.

To view additional images of Station Park in progress you can check out our website link here.