Pearl Hill Phase I – Construction Update

Pearl Hill Phase I – Construction Update

During a recent trip to China, our team had a chance to visit the Shandong Province for some construction progress snapshots of one of our projects: Pearl Hill.

The Pearl Hill development occupies 100 hectares/247 acres of land and offers many different residential communities with a future Banyan Tree resort hotel and spa.

Located in a former agricultural region, Pearl Hill resides on a site where government restrictions dictate large portions of land must remain undeveloped. DDG transformed this limitation into an asset in our planning, with distinctive residential clusters interspersed among extensively landscaped community gardens we planned around natural and man-made features such as stream valleys and historic buildings.

Bracketed by spectacular mountain backdrops to the north and the west and Jiaozhouwan Bay to the south and the east, the south-facing valley communities of Pearl Hill are arranged with architectural and site-planning priorities that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The project’s rustic architectural style is inspired by the rugged terrain. As seen from our construction photos, natural building materials such as stone, slate and timber, are prominent. The townhouses and single-family residences feature over-sized windows that maximize views to the natural surroundings.

Phase I houses are scheduled to be completed by summer of 2013. Our team will continue to visit the site during future trips and document the development as the implementation of the overall masterplan continues.