Innovative new concepts and compelling environments recapture the pageantry, color, energy, vitality and flair of the traditional marketplace, a space where sight, sound and spirit define an experience as comprehensively as structure and space. Trend-setting destinations re-envision the retail arena as supercharged, extraordinarily interactive, almost theatrical-elevating a place into an experience.

Mixed use

Integrating multiple uses-retail, residential, office, entertainment, hotel- involves much more than just proximity. True synergy seamlessly blends disparate elements into a fusion of design and style, content and character, and form and function to promote commerce, encourage interaction, and develop a distinctive sense of place in harmony with natural and cultural surroundings-places to live, work and play.


Blending traditional design elements with modern convenience and selection, town centers connect small-town spirit with fresh contemporary lifestyle options. An intimate design scale, diverse merchandising mix and lively animation and programming create community environments that comfort and stimulate, invite pedestrian exploration, and encourage movement, vitality and interaction.


In a world where people demand ever more out of their leisure options-always seeking something bigger, something more-expanding the boundaries of entertainment involves recognizing that fun isn’t a venue or a theme park; it is an experience. From indoor roller coasters to interactive sports and games, from themed cinema destinations to exhilarating shopping center discoveries, new and engaging options are redefining leisure time.


Successful residential environments demand both innovative design and careful consideration of context, amenities, landscaping and cultural or regional influences. From towering high-rise housing developments to elaborately planned communities, thoughtfully designed townhomes to elegant contemporary villas, loft-style urban apartments to dramatic waterfront residences, and country cottages to luxury condominiums, DDG creates exceptional living spaces that resonate with a sense of community, comfort, security and style.


From massive 9-tower urban developments, to serene suburban office parks, DDG maximizes office building efficiency. Housing multinational corporate headquarters, medical facilities, legal offices and a vast range of professional services, DDG’s buildings feature people-friendly amenities such as pedestrian skybridges, dramatic atria with interactive fountains, landscaped public plazas, and accessible links to transportation, retail, residential, and recreational facilities.


Premiere hotel and residential or resort destinations offer luxurious and comfortable surroundings that are as soothing and alluring as they are stimulating and enlivening. From urban hotels to themed resort communities, true hospitality fuses the familiar comforts of home with carefully crafted detail and exceptional artistry to establish an extraordinary and defining sense of place.