DDG’s groundbreaking multi-disciplinary approach has resulted in over 160 international, national, and regional design and development awards and honors.

DDG is a thought leader and global resource offering creative proficiency in virtually all forms of design across multiple markets. Our finest capability is change: we are powerfully drawn to new challenges, and as we begin each project, we look forward to its variables, considering how they may best be used to create a unique and unforgettable experience, to make an exciting impression, and to design a vision of irresistible attraction.

Superb innovative design may be why clients choose DDG, but it is our emphasis on an unwavering dedication to workable solutions and our deep collaboration with clients that keeps us in partnership with many of them across decades. This mindset underwrites every project we do. DDG considers our steadfast commitment to clients to be a critical part of our expertise.

Beyond expertise, our capabilities are grounded in cultural exchange. As we work in different nations and societies around the world, we learn successful tactics and techniques to share with other growing economies – a perspective on problem solving that has resulted in DDG becoming a global consulting firm that just happens to be in the business of design.