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James P. Andreone, RA, NCARB


Jim Andreone views architecture as an exercise in problem solving. Jim’s approach to his work with DDG reflects that perspective; applying penetrating insights and a results-oriented approach to every step of the design process. From concept and planning, to design development and construction documentation, through to groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting, he immerses himself in a project. Colleagues are as likely to discover Jim crouched over a model with a glue gun as they are to find him on the phone with a client, poring over site plans or absorbed in a book on the architecture of Ancient Greece. This combination of persistence, flexibility, creativity and curiosity makes him the ideal candidate to successfully spearhead some of DDG’s most innovative and trend-setting projects and qualifies him to lead DDG design teams all over the world.

Jim joined DDG as a project architect in 1993. His early work on projects in places like Indonesia, Taiwan and Abu Dhabi was an invigorating international experience that reinforced the elements of project architecture he values most: challenging site-context issues and environmental concerns, clear communication, stylistic variety, cultural nuance and respect for the design process… Read More

Bob Gehrman, AIA, RA, LEED AP


Since 1996, Bob has guided many of BCT’s projects to success. An accomplished, hands-on architect, his wide background in a variety of building typologies makes him an invaluable resource for any project team. In addition to his skills as an architect, Bob is also responsible for scheduling the firm’s workload, enforcing the quality of the documents, and fostering collaboration among staff, consultants, and clients. Bob graduated from the University of Texas and has been registered as an Architect since 1998.

Bob continues to be a driving force in the successful completion of many complex projects both inside and outside of the office. As an adjunct faculty at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School, Bob teaches classes in the Masters of Science in Real Estate Degree Program – teaching future real estate professionals about the practice… Read More

Bob Northfield, NCARB, RA


Architectural design has never been an abstract concept to Bob Northfield. Maybe it was the fact that his earliest exposure to great architecture wasn’t through a museum or textbook, but through his father, pointing out the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed houses of family friends. Or perhaps it was discovering that he derives his greatest professional satisfaction from exceeding client expectations and achieving real, lasting results that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also financially profitable. Bob has always liked to build, create, play and learn; since his career began, he has been putting those skills to concrete use.

A college work/study program at the University of Cincinnati gave Bob the opportunity to experience several different fields – interior design, retail, entertainment, high-end residential – a background that has translated into an appreciation for mixed-use projects and a knack for assembling various pieces of a puzzle into a cohesive and successful solution... Read More

Rajesh Gulati, RA


Since joining DDG in 1992, Rajesh Gulati’s evident appreciation for the human design element has been reflected in his award-winning work. His understanding of the organic quality of a space and how cities, towns, villages and communities evolve over time has helped him to create groundbreaking retail, residential, mixeduse and urban design projects that capture a definitive sense of connection, becoming genuinely memorable destinations.

Rajesh has always been fascinated by designed space. Before he even knew what an architect was, he was appraising his surroundings with the eye of a designer and the instincts of a planner. As a young man in Delhi, India, he was captivated by the ornate spiral staircase and grand high-ceilinged auditorium of his turn of-the-century high school, already unraveling the thought process behind the architecture and analyzing how fellow students moved through the space… Read More

Roy Higgs


As a founder of DDG, Roy Higgs contributes to the design and execution of retail, entertainment, hospitality, office, residential and mixed-use projects of every imaginable scale in all corners of the globe. The list of award winning projects that bear his imprint is extensive. It features a diverse mix of projects located across the USA and around the world including South Africa, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Ecuador, Taiwan, Portugal and China.


Higgs served as the firm’s CEO for more than 15 years. During his tenure, the firm earned over 100 design awards, including many International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) awards for Innovative Design and/or Renovation… Read More

Sa’d Irshaid


Whether developing master plans or conceptual designs for retail and mixed-use projects or themed destinations, Sa’d Irshaid works by hand, using his evocative freehand drawings and renderings to impart unique character and breathe life into an idea. The body of his work with DDG reflects a design career based on a lifelong appreciation for artistry and craft.

Growing up in the Middle East, Sa’d desperately wanted to be a painter. His mother, an artist and schoolteacher whose paintings he had long admired, was sympathetic, but insisted that the necessary art supplies were too expensive. By the time he was a teenager, the generosity of some neighbors and the connections of an uncle finally secured him the paints, canvases and brushes he’d longed for – but something had changed. Visits to friends who were less fortunate made painting seem impractical – art an extravagant indulgence. Sa’d wanted to create something substantial, something more functional. He wanted to become an architect… Read More

Anthony Van Vliet, AIA, NCARB


It is appropriate that the same professional characteristics that Tony Van Vliet values most about the professional culture at DDG – innovation, creativity, and collaborative problem-solving – are also frequently used to describe Tony himself. In over two decades of professional experience, Tony has worked on a wide variety of large mixed-use developments, as well as retail, multi-family residential, resort and hospitality projects in the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa and South America.

A graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans, where he earned his Bachelor of Architecture Degree in 1984, Tony first joined DDG in 1987. An AIA-certified professional architect, Tony enjoys the challenge posed by large, complex projects, and approaches urban planning as both a creative and a connective process; fitting pieces together in ways that expand boundaries and reinforce the notion that the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts. Tony finds himself drawn to the horizontal culture and the collaborative exchange of ideas at DDG... Read More

Bryce Turner, NCARB, FAIA, RA


Bryce Turner is the Chairman of the Board of DDG. He also serves as President and CEO of BCT Architects, which provides full services architecture in the U.S. Turner was elevated to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects in 2016. A registered architect in twenty U.S. states, he has directed the design of projects in five countries within Europe, North America, and Asia. He is a major force in obtaining entitlements and approvals for the firm’s complex retail, commercial and mixed-use projects. Turner frequently testifies before public commissions and agencies regarding the merits of the firm’s mixed-use projects, and is an asset to a development team. Turner served as a Vice President of DDG until 1994 prior to joining BCT. With the acquisition of DDG in 2016, Bryce has been reunited with his DDG colleagues.

His achievements include mixed-use and retail buildings at National Harbor in Prince Georges County, (MD), Pike & Rose (MD), Pentagon Row Retail Renovation (VA), Downtown Silver Spring, (MD), Lockwood Place Retail, Baltimore (MD), Akmerkez (Istanbul, Turkey), Eastgate Complex (Harare, Zimbabwe), and Belvedere Square, Baltimore (MD)... Read More

M. Haris Koentjoro, IAI, AIA


The professional curiosity and persistence that lead Haris to question traditional assumptions and challenge conventional wisdom have instilled in him a deeply held belief that no two jobs are truly alike and no two projects can be approached in quite the same way. He views trends in commercial design not as templates, but as opportunities to develop something original and inspired. Since joining DDG in 1999, his instinct to improve, reinvent and rethink has helped elevate and enhance the process of evaluation and design, contributing to some of DDG’s most influential and groundbreaking projects. An ardent technophile, Haris has been an early adopter of the latest software available to the architectural industry for computer renderings, 3D computer model animations, and multimedia presentations for all of his commercial, residential, office building, mixed-use, and hospitality projects... Read More

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