Project Description

The graphic theme for this riverfront retail and entertainment center pays homage to the American industrial-era factories and workers that were once here on the banks of the Ohio River. Metal and industrial icons have been oxidized to create the sense that they may have been produced in factories from the earlier era. The project makes generous use of natural materials such as bronze and copper, and celebrates such industrial elements as rivets, bolts, and other structural attachments. A prominent feature is an illuminated eleven-foot-high “Newport” sign, promoting the city of Newport and projecting the project’s identity across the river to neighboring Cincinnati, Ohio on the opposite shore.

340,000 square feet/31,600 square meters

  • Location
    Newport, Kentucky
  • Market
    Entertainment, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Mixed Use, Retail
  • Design Services
    Architecture, Graphics, Landscape, Planning
  • Regions