Project Description

Metland Cyber City plan is a lively urban mixed-use destination offering a variety of services and ever-changing entertainment. Metland Cyber City is easily accessible from Jakarta-Merak toll road as well as from several main high-traffic roads crossing of the site. This sustainable eco-friendly city center features a network of lushly landscaped and shaded pathways that allows residents and visitors to meander through a series of parks and experience outdoor dining and entertainment and myriad retail shopping options. As an integrated live, work, and play, Metland Cyber City also offers ample office space, roomy apartments, a luxury hotel, a spacious convention center, a vibrant lifestyle center with al fresco dining options, entertainment and much more. This diversity makes Metland Cyber City an attractive gathering place with wide market appeal.

GBA: 996,376 sf / 92,600 sm

  • Location
    Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Market
    Corporate, Mixed Use, Retail
  • Design Services
    Architecture, Planning
  • Regions