Project Description

Fontanar Centro Comercial is a new three-level commercial center nestled into the rural landscape of Chia, a suburb city to Bogotá, Colombia. Set into the contours of the enveloping topography, Fontanar is designed to reflect the natural beauty of the region. Extensive landscaping, curvilinear forms and an eye-catching array of natural materials turn the mall inside out, relating back to the surrounding environment. The logo implies a sensitivity to Fontanar’s setting, smoothly merging the ecology of the region with a distinctive retail experience. The color reinforces the project’s connection to nature, where soaring atria and large open spaces combined with natural materials and exterior-style detailing to give the mall’s interior a memorable and uncommon outdoor sensibility.

40,000 square meters/430,566 square feet of GLA

  • Location
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Market
    Corporate, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Mixed Use, Retail
  • Design Services
    Architecture, Graphics, Landscape, Planning
  • Regions