Project Description

Commerce City expresses a dramatic contemporary urban design concept for Ankara, Turkey’s capital city. Planned along a 2500-foot frontage, the project features a series of districts – residential, office, shopping, entertainment, and hotel – with water symbolically linking each section. Water inspires the architectural forms as well. Flowing vertical and horizontal curves shape the hotel and residential towers in two ways: featuring around a landscaped plaza and the cascading curtain-walls of the buildings. Greenery and water appear along terraces and cafes throughout Commerce City, fluidly smoothing and soothing the entire project. The importance of water is punctuated with a world-class aquarium and fountain plaza in the project’s center.

Site Area: 34.6 acres / 14 hectares
GBA: 5,489,666 sq ft / 510,192 sq m
Retail/Ent: 1,114,219 sq ft / 103,552 sq m
Office: 1,076,581 sq ft / 100,054 sq m
Hotel: 713,753 sq ft / 66,334 sq m
Residential: 2,586,111 sq ft / 240,252 sq m

  • Location
    Ankara, Turkey
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  • Design Services
    Architecture, Planning
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