Project Description

Featuring a striking waterfront promenade, Clearwater Bay Master Plan harbor is punctuated by grand plazas and parks cascading from upper retail shopping streets. Restaurants are arranged to afford the best harbor views, while boutique retail offerings line streets and pedestrian passages. Civic destinations mark either end of the waterfront, namely an Opera House, and the Clearwater Yacht Club. The architectural environment is a fusion of contemporary and resort style, with a splendid variety of show-windows, terraces, colonnades, and shade structures, set in an oasis of tropical landscaping.

Site area | 155.6 acres - 63 hectares
GBA | 5,474,408 sq ft - 508,774 sq m

  • Location
    Hainan, China
  • Market
    Mixed Use
  • Design Services
    Architecture, Planning
  • Regions