Project Description

The formal French Neoclassical style is expressed by the disciplined architectural layout of Blue Bay and Blue Mountain. Using geometry, symmetry, and balance to compose the classic formality of the gardens, spaces are defined and created by long axial vistas, straight tree-lined avenues, rectangular lawns, clipped shrubs and French-inspired fountains and water features. Classic Mediterranean-inspired design elements fuse with sleek contemporary lines and familiar Chinese architectural detail, while sumptuously appointed interiors reflect the simple elegance and resort-lifestyle concept.

site area | 107.4 acres - 43.6 hectares
residential | 3,262,593 sq ft - 303,215 sq m
clubhouse | 21,528 sq ft - 2,000 sq m

  • Location
    Dalian, China
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  • Design Services
    Architecture, Graphics, Interiors, Landscape, Planning
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