Project Description

Gurgaon’s top new lifestyle destination: Reach Airia offers a seamless hybrid approach of enclosed shopping mall and outdoor high-street park space. Amazing social spaces abound for festival events, dining, entertainment, and people watching in a first-class atmosphere. The project invites visitors through an animated resort-like rotunda space to experience luxury international brand shopping. The mall has four main levels, including a high-end food court, and market place level. Positioned above all this is a premiere cinema multiplex.

This exciting mixed use development also includes an eight-story office building and structured parking below grade. Several innovative concepts for a Phase II expansion are also in the works.

total site area: 4 ac. / 1.6 ha.

total gla | phase 2: 253,505 sq. ft. / 23,560 sq. m.

total gba: 302,474 sq. ft. / 28,111 sq. m.

  • Location
    Gurgaon, India
  • Market
    Lifestyle, Retail
  • Design Services
    Architecture, Graphics, Planning
  • Regions