DDG Names Tony Van Vliet as President + CEO


The managing partners and Board of DDG have proudly named Tony Van Vliet as President and CEO of our award-winning international design firm. With 27 years of tenure at DDG, Tony possesses a rare blend of creative work in all DDG markets combined with true operational acumen.

Recognizing circumstances have been unfortunate with the sudden passing of former CEO Ahsin Rasheed, all of us at DDG remain committed to our passionate and unique approach to design. We are devoted to maintaining the same level of quality, creativity and professionalism that has allowed us to innovate around the world. With extensive engagement in several global markets, DDG is also seeing an additional surge in domestic works. We are truly humbled by the ongoing show of faith and trust we have received in these past two weeks from our clients and colleagues at large.

DDG’s team of talented Partners and designers promote an innovative design culture that allows us to continually create exceptional projects. Collectively, we are pushing the boundaries on our projects to set trends in their regions; establishing quality environments that inherently bring people together for rich social interaction. We distinguish ourselves among other larger design firms through a tight-knit collaborative process which yields exceptional results. Many of our most successful paradigm-changing projects have been forged out of seemingly adverse development and design challenges.

In this spirit, we envision only the best in DDG’s path forward. It is a grand, evolving legacy of which we are all very proud. It requires constant re-invention; yet this is what has made DDG such a special place. Let’s create something great together!