Celebrating Excellence in Design

AIA Design Awards 2013

Last week, AIA Maryland recognized outstanding architectural achievements of AIA members and architectural students at the annual Awards Celebration. The award-winning projects were selected from a field of 105 professional entries and 34 student submissions in the student awards program. We couldn’t be happier to join them in congratulating one of our designers, Adam Chisholm, for his Juror’s Citation in the Student Architectural Design category on his thesis project.

Adam’s project was a case study of adaptive use, applying programming innovation, design and technology to enhance a rising urban node of Baltimore: Clipper Mill. Lacking from Clipper Mill’s neighborhood is a place for the community to share and exploit the talents of the area. The Tractor Building, at the heart of the complex, is the only existing structure not yet renovated. The building, currently used as a parking lot, has an open plan and exposed structure affording a great opportunity for redevelopment. The project would rely on the use of tension structures in the building to build new lofts to minimize impact on the existing structure, cut material costs and provide an open ground floor as an exhibit space for the community to use. The architecture of tension will provide a contrast between the old and new. Project programing would consist of art studio lofts, a gallery and community space for events.