Branching Out! Landscape Design digs in as an important tool in place-making

As brick and mortar stores strive to compete with the rapidly evolving online marketplace, focusing on the experience is essential to the success of a retail center. Along with environmental signage and graphics, the landscape design is an important component to consider for a cost-effective renovation to re-imagine and re-purpose a retail center.

Since the early 2000s, retailers have found success in generating a more efficient shopping experience by moving away from the big box store and strip mall concepts to a more clustered “main street” and lifestyle center approach.

Our landscape designs are guided by a simple philosophy; the design and detailing of outdoor spaces is integral to the overall experience, character and identity of a place. We create outdoor spaces that complement retail, residential and office uses. Considering the financial, social and environmental viability of a location, we can strategically identify and use land resources, native species, cultural and social conditions, natural systems and planning opportunities to create a cohesive masterpiece. Our goal is to provide cost-effective design solutions and well-integrated, contextual design in all of our landscapes, creating a framework that allows residents to personally interact with their environments while creating a memorable sensory experience.

In retail, today’s customers need more than just a place to buy merchandise. They need a unique experience. It is the design of the space that creates a lingering impression on the visitor, but the experience will lure the shopper in and keep them coming back for more. Our solution is to design shopping to be an experience, not just a task. By fusing a park approach with a “main street” sensibility, shopping is not just efficient, but also enticing and memorable. By focusing on the advantages physical retail can offer that online retail can’t, our landscape designs allow the shopper to go beyond the retail sale and indulge in an all-encompassing destination experience.

DDG is committed to providing environmentally sustainable professional landscape design solutions.