Baltimore Business Journal Visits DDG


If you haven’t been there in person yet, you can see and read about DDG’s brand new offices in a profile published in the March 9 online edition of the Baltimore Business Journal.

The photo spread of our new studio space includes shots of the “employee world map,” which shows each of our team member’s favorite places around the globe; our glassed-in flex places and main studio space, both of which provide lots of opportunities for team members to collaborate; our café, complete with our collection of teapots from countries where we are working; our “Think Tank,” the loft space we use for large brain storming sessions; and our 80-inch touchscreen monitors, known as “the giant tablet.”

The accompanying article by reporter Kevin Litten explains how the new space was designed to reflect DDG’s identity as an international architecture and design firm and why the move enables us to better collaborate.

You can see all of the photos and read the article at Baltimore Business Journal. Better yet, come visit our new space in person.