Akasya wins 2015 ICSC European Shopping Centre Award!


We are extremely proud to announce that Akasya – an iconic mixed-use development in Istanbul, Turkey, designed by DDG – has earned the First Place Design Award for New Developments at the 2015 ICSC-European Design & Development Awards Program. In making the award, the ICSC jury noted, “With recreational, performance, and exhibition areas and a mantra as a ‘New Generation Life Complex,’ Akasya Acibadem ultimately provides a living and breathing space that transcends shopping.”

Featuring a combination of “contemporary sensibilities and traditional lines which embody both the energy and complexities of an evolving Istanbul cityscape, Akasya transforms the site of a former Ford factory into a dramatic residential and retail destination,” says DDG Chairman and CEO Ahsin Rasheed. DDG was responsible for the 45-acre master plan, the concept and schematic design of the residential and retail architecture, the project identity, and the environmental graphics for Akasya, which includes a total of 860,800 square feet of retail space, 1,580 residential units, and parking for 5,500 cars.

Akasya is anchored by a large, elliptical landscaped park, surrounded by shops, restaurants, and pedestrian pathways which create a natural transition between the project’s residential components and its retail and entertainment center to the south.

Residential offerings include high-rise residential towers anchoring the northern and southern ends of the project. The dramatic southern tower – a “beacon” which can be seen from some distance – sits atop the shopping center and creates a visual and conceptual sight-corridor into the heart of the project from adjacent highways linking Asian and European Istanbul.

Congratulations to everyone on the DDG team who made Akasya – and the ICSC Award – a reality!