It is with great pleasure that we formally announce the launch of BCT Design Group. For many years DDG (Design Group) has provided award-winning architecture, design, and planning services around the world from our studios in the U.S.; specializing in planning, placemaking, and the design of commercially driven mixed-use developments. More than three years ago, we joined forces with BCT Architects; another U.S. firm with whom we had collaborated successfully for over 20 years and even shared senior leadership throughout our history.

The BCT team brought us the full-service architecture services that complement our design and planning services, a culture of authenticity, and expertise in adaptive re-use and renovation. These combined talents are essential in the major redevelopments taking place around the world as we all strive to “future proof” our cities and communities. We are excited about the challenges and opportunities of the new decade, and are looking forward to working with you to create successful places where people can gather and celebrate life.


Given our 50 years of multi-disciplinary experience in creating engaging spaces and environments, we understand that the balance of aesthetics, functionality, and programming is the key to the success and longevity of any development big or small. Each of our services is backed by our discipline-driven studios and collaborative approach, allowing us to capitalize on each other's strengths to ensure that our clients receive the best solution for their projects. Our services reflect the needs of our clients and ultimately, the communities they impact.


BRYCE TURNER, President & CEO | BOB GEHRMAN, Senior Principal | BOB NORTHFIELD, Principal | JANET MEYER, Principal | SCOT FOSTER, Principal | PEDRO SALES, Principal | CHRIS HOLLER, Principal


TONY VAN VLIET, Director, International Studio | RAJ GULATI, Director, International Planning | SA'D IRSHAID, Director, International Design | Craig Purcell, Director, Urban Design | Brennan Murray, Studio Director, Branding & Graphics | Lauren Reiser, Studio Director, Interiors | David Petr, Director, Marketing | Ann Tyler, Director, Business Development - U.S. | AUSTIN TYLER, Director, Business Development - Europe & Asia